Barako Coffee

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Drinking coffee is beneficial to your health — it can lower your risk of heart disease and dementia, and is packed with antioxidants that may ward off cancer.

However, life stops for no man. Times change, and so it goes with your body as well. You may acquire new tastes, get certain dietary limitations, and sometimes new sensitivities. Worst of all, you may have to cut off parts of your diet entirely. In many cases, this may include your daily cup of Joe

Fear not, coffee-heads! The Bean Bag Coffee Roasts contain low levels of acidity, a milder solution for you coffee lovers out there. For drinkers that are sensitive to coffee, there are now low-acid and acid-free options. Our products allow you to enjoy your favorite brew without the usual discomforts associated with coffee drinking.


Whatever life throws your way, with The Bean Bag Coffee Roasts, every sip makes it better.